Medically actionable genes that go beyond the ACMG set of 59

In this post we’ll explore examples of these other genes that are not part of the ACMG’s recommended set, but are similar in that they have some associated actionability and could likewise impact medical management and decision making …

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Unavoidable vs optional incidental findings: What you need to know

Given that genome sequencing has the potential to identify tens of thousands of variants in every patient sample tested, our GCs are often asked about how we handle incidental findings in our reporting. In this post we’ll explore the different types of possible findings and describe our reporting policies …

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Where did “Exome Plus” go?

Longtime customers familiar with our Genomic Unity® Exome Plus Analysis may be wondering where did it go? The short answer is that it’s still available. …

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FXN: What you need to know for Friedreich’s ataxia patients

It’s well known that FXN repeat expansions cause Friedreich’s ataxia, but in certain cases, the affected individual is compound heterozygous for an expansion plus another pathogenic variant.

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Is WGS-based testing relevant for patients with suspected mitochondrial disease?

In short, yes! But let’s take a step back and start with what mitochondrial disease is.

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