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March 15, 2021

Variantyx Secures $20M in Funding for Whole Genome Sequencing Methodology, Advanced Testing Method that Diagnoses Genetic Disorders

March 15, 2021 Variantyx, a leader in high complexity hereditary disease testing, today announced that they secured $20M in funding...
February 27, 2021

Whole-genome sequencing and health insurance

By Daryl Spinner, PhD, MBA In the realm of genetic testing, insurance payers have been reluctant to recognize that there...
February 8, 2021

Industry Voices – Whole-genome sequencing ultimately benefits payers

  • By Daryl Spinner, PhD, MBA
  • Posted in Article
When solving a problem, taking a step back and looking at the big picture is often a wise tactic. In...
January 26, 2021

Unavoidable vs optional incidental findings: What you need to know

Given that genome sequencing has the potential to identify tens of thousands of variants in every patient sample tested, our...
January 26, 2021

Variantyx Launches Its WGS-Based Prenatal Test for High-Risk Pregnancies, Enters Women’s Health Market

January 26, 2021 Variantyx, a leader in high complexity hereditary disease testing, announced today that it will launch its Genomic Unity®...
January 20, 2021

Ethics in Whole Genome Sequencing

By Toni Lewis The use of whole-genome sequencing (WGS) in diagnostic testing brings up the topic of secondary findings or...
January 12, 2021

Variantyx Surpasses 2,500 Genomes Analyzed, Highlights the Value of Its WGS-Based Testing Methodology

January 12, 2021 Clinicians at Variantyx, a leader in high complexity hereditary disease testing, recently completed analysis of their 2,500th...
January 6, 2021

Helping Clinicians Solve Genetic Puzzles

  • By Haim Neerman
  • Posted in Article
In 2003, an international consortium of health institutes and government agencies completed “The Human Genome Project.” The significance of the...
October 30, 2020

FXN: What you need to know for Friedreich’s ataxia patients

It’s well known that FXN variants cause Friedreich’s ataxia – a progressive form of ataxia that usually affects individuals before 25 years...
September 17, 2020

Is WGS-based testing relevant for patients with suspected mitochondrial disease?

In short, yes! But let’s take a step back and start with what mitochondrial disease is. We have to start...