Precision Oncology

Everything the tumor board needs to make optimal treatment decisions

OncoAlly™ testing brings clarity and direction to the complexity of treating and managing solid tumors. Using a combination of both normal and tumor tissues, we perform whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, and transcriptome-wide RNA analysis to provide both a wide and deep molecular analysis for tumor profiling and treatment optimization.

With this suite of genomic tools, we analyze the genome of the tumor and normal tissue to detect sequence variants, deletions/insertions, structural variants, copy number alterations, rearrangements, RNA fusions, MSI, TMB, and HPV status.

A comprehensive report analyzing

Molecular Tumor Data:

  • Tumor genetic profiling (sequence changes, insertions and deletions, copy number variants and fusions)
  • Signature and resistance variants 
  • Immuno-oncology biomarkers: PD-L1, TMB, MSI
  • Prognostic and diagnostic variants 
  • Cancer predisposition
  • HPV status

Optimized Therapeutic Guidance:

  • Patient centric report based on the genomic profile and patient health information
  • Prioritized therapeutic associations: FDA, NCCN, Investigational
  • Focus on combination therapies
  • Each report includes a personalized summary
  • Cancer and general pharmacogenomics

Every report is reviewed by our certified molecular pathologist experts to provide you and your patient the most tailored diagnostic report for treatment management.

A platform built for experts, by experts

Using the whole genome sequencing, deep whole exome sequencing (for clonality analysis), and RNA gene fusion analysis, we see more of the cancer’s genomic profile to tell you more about your patient’s cancer.

The ClaudIA for Genomics precision oncology platform condenses genomic data and patient health information into a concise, actionable report that informs selection of FDA-approved drugs, matches to investigational therapies (clinical trial matching), identifies potential resistance factors, variants that are predisposing to cancer, and gives information about the patient’s prognosis.

ClaudIA for Genomics was built by cancer experts and researchers and is maintained by our team of dedicated clinical specialists. 

Pioneering a novel approach to precision oncology

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