IriSight™ Prenatal Genetic Testing

What is IriSight™?

IriSight™ is a genetic test based on amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS). IriSight™ uses whole genome sequencing (WGS) to identify DNA changes that can affect your baby’s health and development.

Who is IriSight™ for?

IriSight™ is recommended if your healthcare provider suggests diagnostic genetic testing using amniocentesis or CVS*. Or if you are generally interested in diagnostic testing for peace of mind. In these cases, IriSight™ testing is the most comprehensive option available.

*Amniocentesis or CVS is sometimes recommended when ultrasound results are abnormal.

The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be

Knowing if there’s a genetic diagnosis impacting your baby’s development can change the way your pregnancy is managed by your healthcare team. It can lead to treatments or therapies before and after delivery, as well as connect you with other families who are experiencing a similar situation.

See more of your baby’s DNA with IriSight™

Not all genetic tests are the same. Many test only a small portion of your baby’s DNA. Only IriSight™ testing sequences your baby’s entire genome, analyzing the data with innovative software that identifies more types of DNA changes than any other test offered. Only IriSight™ testing sees the full picture.

Ask your doctor about IriSight™

Starting a conversation with your healthcare provider

Talking with your doctor or a genetic counselor is an important step in the process of making a decision about whether genetic testing is right for you. And if so, which genetic test is the best fit. The following questions may help get the conversation started:

  • Based on my family history, personal history and this pregnancy, what types of prenatal genetic testing are available to me? Carrier screening? NIPT? CMA? Exome or genome?
  • What types of genetic conditions will each test detect?
  • What types of genetic conditions will each test NOT detect?
  • What possible results can I expect from each test?
  • How accurate is each test?

FAQs about  IriSight™ testing

We See More, So You Know More

If your healthcare provider suggests amniocentesis or CVS, ask about IriSight™. The most comprehensive genetic testing available. Have questions?