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Predictive genetic screening is a test for people who want to maintain their health by learning about possible genetic health risks or because of a concerning family history. Variantyx Genomic Inform® is a clinical-grade test to identify certain genetic health risks or carrier findings to get a more holistic view of wellness and potential risks. Knowing about an increased genetic risk can have a impact on your health, leading to:

Appropriate screening

Earlier screening

Potential medical interventions

Following appropriate clinical management

The Variantyx Genomic Inform® test uses whole genome sequencing to analyze your DNA in multiple ways, all from a single sample. This unique, in-depth test analyzes hundreds of genes causing many different conditions. Examples of the conditions this test could identify include:

Familial hypercholesterolemia

Causes abnormally high cholesterol. Affects about 1-in-200 people.2

Lynch syndrome

Causes a higher chance of different early-onset cancers.2 Affects about 1-in-280 people.

Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy

Causes a higher chance for a heart rhythm disorder. Affects about 1-in-1,250 people.2


Causes poor clotting, affecting up to 1-in-4,000 males depending on the type.2

Working with your primary healthcare provider can help you find out how this kind of testing may be helpful. If testing finds you are at a higher risk for a condition, they may be able to suggest strategies to lower your risk to develop symptoms. If you are concerned you have symptoms due to a genetic condition, then you should discuss diagnostic genetic testing with your healthcare provider.

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