Working Together

Collaboration is key

Healthcare is increasingly reliant on teamwork. Our process prioritizes cooperation and connection with clinics and providers. Because providing the best care to your patients requires the best information, our Clinical Field Specialists and Clinical Coordination teams work to ensure a smooth testing experience, through every step of the process:

  1. Place an order through our online portal, via fax, or mailed with a kit. A sample is not required to begin an order.

  2. If needed, we will coordinate with the patient or patient’s parent to collect a sample.

  3. For patients with commercial insurance, we gather details about test coverage and potential costs from their insurance company, then discuss the information directly with the family.

  4. We facilitate pre-test genetic counseling if required by insurance and not performed when testing is ordered.

  5. Whole genome sequencing is performed on your patient’s DNA and our expert analysts begin the interpretation process based on the analysis ordered.

  6. We provide a comprehensive report to the ordering provider via our online portal or fax.

  7. If desired by the patient or the patient’s parent, we coordinate post-test genetic counseling.

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