Reproductive Genetics

When pregnancy brings uncertainty, our testing can bring clarity

We know pregnancy is an exciting time for many, but for others it can be an uncertain and challenging time. Losing a pregnancy or learning that you may need a diagnostic procedure, like an amniocentesis, can be stressful. Your healthcare provider may order genetic testing to better understand the cause of the pregnancy loss or for abnormal findings on an ultrasound. 

At Variantyx, we’re experts in diagnosing genetic disorders

We use innovative analysis software and advanced sequencing technology. Our IriSightTM suite of tests uses whole genome sequencing (WGS). With this technique, we can look at about 98% of your baby’s DNA to find a genetic change that may be the cause of the symptoms or of the pregnancy loss.

Genetic testing can be powerful

Because we use WGS, we can search for many different kinds of genetic changes at the same time, with a single sample. You can feel confident that you are getting the most comprehensive and advanced diagnostic testing available. 

Individually rare, but collectively common, genetic diseases affect over 25 million Americans.1 These conditions are almost always complex and affect many parts of the body. Often, they are due to genetic changes that alter how our body grows, develops, or functions.

If you are currently pregnant, knowing if there is a genetic diagnosis can: 

  • Change the way your pregnancy is managed by your healthcare team. 
  • Lead to treatments or therapies both before and after delivery.
  • Connect you with other families who are experiencing a similar situation. 

If you have experienced a pregnancy loss, knowing if there is a genetic diagnosis can: 

  • Give you closure and peace of mind. 
  • Help you and your healthcare provider determine if and how this loss impacts future pregnancies. 
  • Lead you to additional available technologies, like preimplantation genetic testing, that may be able to test for that condition before or earlier in a future pregnancy.

We are committed to making your journey with us as easy as possible and are here to support you, from beginning to end.

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