How Variantyx is Different

Enabling precision medicine is at the heart of our mission

What makes us different are our technology, innovation, and dedication.

With experienced genetics professionals embedded across the company, our diligent teams use a unique blend of technology that combines whole genome sequencing (WGS) with specialized analysis software. This leads to a precision medicine experience: a higher chance to get a genetic diagnosis, leading to potential treatments and management strategies.

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Test Ordered

The testing process begins when your provider submits an order. All of our tests must be ordered by a healthcare provider.

Sample Collected

Our Customer Service team can ship collection kits to your provider's office or directly to your home. If needed, we can also coordinate mobile phlebotomy.

Test Performed

Once we have the samples, our team runs the test ordered by your provider. Our experts thoroughly analyze and interpret your genetic data for variants large or small, simple or complex.

Report Sent

Our clinical team writes a succinct report and sends it back to the ordering healthcare provider.

We use a whole genome sequencing platform 

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) is a genetic testing technology that transforms DNA analysis. Using WGS allows us to analyze a person’s DNA evenly without gaps in the data, to find many different types of genetic changes at the same time. We use WGS to generate data for nearly all of our tests, but adapt the analysis to the test that is ordered by your healthcare provider. This means each of our tests provide a clear, detailed picture of the DNA being analyzed.

Starting with WGS data gives us the highest chance to find a diagnosis for an individual’s symptoms across all ages and stages of life. 

For people with a rare genetic condition, WGS has a chance of finding a diagnosis in 11-55% of people, depending on the disorder.1 If used first, WGS tests may lead to fewer overall genetic tests and unnecessary office visits. A diagnosis can mean access to more precise treatment or management information and provide vital information for reproductive decisions.

Intelligent software, informed choices

Everyone’s genome has about 4.1M-5M genetic changes. Some changes are common and others are unique. When diagnosing a rare genetic disorder, you need powerful software to analyze the data. We pair our WGS with Genomic Intelligence®, our clinically validated analysis software.2 Our software is customized to analyze this mountain of DNA data to find known or possible disease-causing genetic changes.

Variantyx services help simplify a complicated process

Just like our technology can make testing simpler, our services can, too. What you get are committed teams that work with you through the entire process. We review your test order and work directly with your insurance company to cover testing and help with appeals. Once all documents and samples are received, we perform testing and send results back to your provider. Our goal is to streamline the testing and insurance process to keep you involved and informed, not overwhelmed.

Where we help:

Coordinating blood or saliva samples

Expert review of test orders

Coordinating test prior authorization with your insurance company

Genetics professional support with insurance appeals

Providing third-party genetic counseling services

Billing support and financial assistance

Putting it together: family experiences

We’re dedicated to working with you and your provider to meet your testing needs. This can take many forms, from working with your insurance company to rigorously evaluating genomic data. Our technology, innovation, and dedication have changed countless lives. Read our case studies to learn how we played a role in patient care.

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Rare Genetic Disorders

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Wellness Testing

Genetic screening for generally healthy adults.

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