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October 18, 2023

Variantyx Announces Additional Investment Enabling Rapid Expansion of Its Commercial Footprint

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. October 18, 2023 (PRNewswire) – Variantyx, a leader in genomic precision medicine today, announced that it has secured additional funding from its portfolio of investors which includes Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Pitango HealthTech, New Era Capital Partners, 20/20 HealthCare Partners and Peregrine Ventures. The technology-driven provider of advanced genomic testing for genetic disorders, reproductive health and precision oncology markets continues to add many of the largest US healthcare systems to its customer base, rapidly growing its market share. The additional investment, which brings the total amount invested in Variantyx to over $120 million, will fuel further commercial expansion, enabling the company to build significant economic value and bring the power of precision medicine to larger numbers of patients at an accelerated rate.

The funding demonstrates continued trust and confidence in our ability to deliver on the long term goals of the company,” said Haim Neerman, CEO of Variantyx. “As we further expand our commercial footprint we have the opportunity to bring real improvements in patient outcomes to an increasingly larger subset of the population due to our unmatched diagnostic capabilities and improved personalized treatment recommendations while growing value for shareholders.”

“Variantyx is fundamentally changing molecular diagnostics,” said David Margulies, MD, Variantyx’s Chairman of the Board. “With a portfolio of disruptive products enabled by its whole genome analysis platforms and strong unit economics, the company is making a huge difference in the diagnostic and treatment markets.”

About Varianytx

Variantyx is an award-winning, technology-driven precision medicine company providing disruptive solutions for the genetic disorders, reproductive health, and precision oncology markets. The proprietary whole genome analysis platforms developed by Variantyx allow clinicians and patients to better understand a person’s genetic makeup, leading to unmatched diagnostic capabilities and improved personalized treatment recommendations. For more information, please visit