Wellness Testing

Clinical grade testing to inform health screening and maintenance

Predictive genetic screening offers healthy individuals a clinical-grade genetic test to screen for genetic variants that increase risks of certain conditions. Our Genomic Inform® testing can help your patients understand what risks, if any, they may have.

Up to 15% of generally healthy adults have at least one genetic finding that raises their risks for a treatable or preventable condition.1 Learning about a genetic risk better informs medical screening and important interventions.

Our whole genome analysis approach

We use a comprehensive, whole genome analysis approach to identify risks from conditions that can occur across the lifespan. Our Genomic Inform® testing is unlike any healthy genetic screening test available, using a genome-wide and systematic method to identify nearly all manner of risk variants.

Sequence variants analysis

including single nucleotide variants, deletions/insertions, intronic, and regulatory variants

Structural & copy number variants

including duplications, deletions, regions of homozygosity, mobile element insertions, inversions, and aneuploidy

Short tandem repeats for selected genes

in >25 genes

Mitochondrial variants

with heteroplasmy and large deletions

Learn about risks across multiple areas of health

Cancer conditions

Heart conditions

Neurological disorders

Bleeding disorders

Metabolic disorders

Carrier findings in over 600 genes

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