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We streamline high-complexity genomic testing for smooth integration of precision medicine into your existing practice.

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We advance clinical genomics through scientific rigor paired with state-of-the-art genomic technologies.


Our field specialists, clinical coordinators, and insurance specialists mean you and your patients get high-touch help.


Doctors, PhDs, and genetic counselors are embedded throughout Variantyx to support our ordering providers and their patients.


Clinicians and patients are set up for success through our innovative blend of science, services, and support.

End-to-end sequencing & analysis platforms

Our unique end-to-end sequencing and analysis platforms use whole genome sequencing data to create a robust suite of tests across multiple areas of medicine, including rare genetic disorders, reproductive genetics, and precision oncology.

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High-touch services

Our dedicated customer service team helps simplify all parts of the testing process, from submitting an order and working with insurance companies, to coordinating samples and receiving results, and everything in between.

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Our genomic technologies enable precision medicine

Practicing at the top of your scope requires the best tools. Whether you serve patients in reproductive genetics, rare genetic disorders, or precision oncology, our unique blend of whole genome sequencing (WGS) and proprietary software platforms provide superior genomic tools.

The power of a whole genome sequencing platform

Whether you want to a custom analysis, a gene panel, the exome, or genome, our PCR-free WGS platform provides high-quality data for in-depth analyses. Removing the PCR amplification step means your patient’s data has uniform coverage across ~98% of the genome. This leads to one of the highest diagnostic rates for a single test compared to other testing technologies.1

Source: 100,000 Genomes Project Pilot Investigators. PMID: 34758253.
In one large WGS study, clinicians reported that 25% of [rare] genetic diagnoses (134 of the 533) had ‘immediate clinical actionability.’’1

Intelligent analysis technology for rare genetic disorders across the lifespan

From small to large, simple or complex, we can accurately identify all major types of variants in your patient’s sample – variants other platforms and pipelines may miss. We analyze your patient’s genomic data from almost every angle using Genomic Intelligence®, our clinically validated whole genome platform. Designed and calibrated in-house, Genomic Intelligence® provides our experienced variant analysts capabilities to make striking diagnoses.

Sequence variant analysis

including single nucleotide variants, deletions/insertions, intronic, and regulatory variants

Structural & copy number variants analysis

including duplications, deletions, regions of homozygosity, mobile element insertions, inversions, and aneuploidy

Short tandem repeat expansion analysis

in >25 genes

Mitochondrial genome sequence analysis

with heteroplasmy and large deletions

To learn more about the clinical performance of Genomic Intelligence®, see our publications

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Precision oncology optimizes treatment & therapy management

Cancer requires action and action must be informed by knowledge. Understanding a cancer’s genomic landscape provides you vital information on treatment, management, and counseling strategies. To survey a cancer’s landscape, we use a suite of powerful genetic technologies – whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, and targeted RNA analysis – so you and your patient have the best data to make the best decisions.

ClaudIA for Genomics, our comprehensive data management platform, analyzes a patient’s genomic information using both the cancer and non-cancerous samples. Our concise report gives you and your patients actionable results for many cancers including drug resistance, drug effectiveness, prognosis, and more. This knowledge helps you build your patient’s precision therapy and management regimen on a strong foundation of data.

Services that simplify & support your practice

Our end-to-end services ensure you and your patients are supported throughout the genetic testing process. We coordinate with health insurance companies, communicate about costs, and can help collect samples. Our services help you focus on your patients, not the process.

Simplifying the health insurance billing process

Our hands-on approach lets you hand off insurance tasks to our experienced team members who perform benefits investigations, collect pertinent clinical information, and assess potential costs to avoid surprising bills. Expert genetics professionals review orders for clinical relevance, insurance guideline alignment, obtain letters of medical necessity, and support patients through the appeals process if a prior authorization is denied.

Patient & provider friendly

Starting a new testing service or replacing an existing one in your clinic can be a challenge. Our knowledgeable customer service team is available to support you and your patient at every step of the process from ordering, to sample collection, through results delivery. Our ordering process and online portal options streamline test ordering and results delivery. For patients, we meet them where they are, shipping kits to their homes or coordinating mobile phlebotomy services.

An expert touch

From our dedicated software engineers to our diligent variant scientists and lab directors, we have experts at every step of the testing and interpretation process. This leads to high quality and uniform results, for all of our tests.

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Reproductive Genetics

Transforming reproductive genetics through whole genome analysis.

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Rare Genetic Disorders

Providing unmatched diagnostic capabilities for complex and rare disorders.

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Precision Oncology

Genomic profiling to aid in optimizing treatment for cancer care.

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Genetic screening for generally healthy adults.

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