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The Variantyx Genomic Intelligence® platform is an ideal end-to-end bioinformatic solution for laboratories seeking a clinically validated interpretation solution to expand or improve current test offerings. Genomic Intelligence® processes germline NGS data in a sequencer-agnostic manner to provide comprehensive clinical reports for a wide range of germline genetic disorders. Regardless of your testing area, our bioinformatic assays are tailored to your laboratory’s specifications.


Hereditary cancer


Your lab’s focus

Maximize your lab’s NGS data 

Genomic Intelligence® provides seamless automation for analysis and interpretation for many types of genomic data:

Targeted sequencing

Probe- and amplicon-based library preparation techniques


Multigene panels, exomes, and genomes

Sequencing techniques

Sequencing by synthesis and Ion-torrent chemistries

The process

Step 1

Your lab’s team provides Variantyx with assay design requirements or collaborates with our team to create a bioinformatic assay.

Step 2

Your lab provides Variantyx with sequencing data.

Step 3

Using your specified assay and working with your team, we first validate the assay then analyze and interpret the data through our Genomic Intelligence® platform.

Step 4

Our team of variant scientists and board-certified clinical geneticists deliver a white-labeled, signed clinical report.

Note: Detection of structural and mitochondrial variants depends on assay design, sequencing quality, and sequencing depth.

Getting started with Genomic Intelligence®

Regardless of how your team uses Genomic Intelligence®, our proprietary data analysis algorithms and sophisticated filters ensure you receive accurate and reliable test results with turnaround times aligned to business needs.

High volume solutions

Seamless, end-to-end automation enables growth of your lab’s volumes.

Fast time to launch

Leveraging our clinical expertise for assay validation, data interpretation, and report sign off significantly reduces development time.

Accurate test results

Our proprietary data analysis algorithms and sophisticated filters find complex variants other software may miss.

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Lab Services

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