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April 26, 2023

Company Spotlight Series: Daniel Avinoam

Meet Daniel Avinoam, Laboratory Operations Automation Specialist at Variantyx!

I’ve always been fascinated by the inner workings of the world. My love for understanding how things work led me to study physics and math at Clark University, where I gained a deeper appreciation for the world of engineering and development. As a first-generation college graduate, I am incredibly proud of this achievement. Earning my bachelor’s degree has been one of the most significant milestones in my life, not just because of what it represents, but also because of the opportunities it has presented me.

When the pandemic hit right after I graduated, like many others, I found myself in a difficult position. I was searching for employment, and it was tough. However, I was fortunate to land a job at Variantyx, a company that has been making a real difference in the world of genetic testing. I started on the claims team, where I gained valuable experience navigating complex insurance procedures.

Shortly after joining I was promoted to the operations team, where I learned about the lab process. Moving to the operations team was challenging at first, but thanks to the support of an amazing team I learned quickly and was soon able to contribute my own knowledge. It was here that I discovered my passion for engineering and working with automation systems and liquid handlers, such as the QIAsymphony and Tecan.

As an Operations and Automations Specialist at Variantyx, I get to work with state-of-the-art automation equipment that allows us to process samples efficiently and accurately. I’m responsible for ensuring that these machines are validated and maintained, so that they can continue to produce reliable results for our patients. This work is both challenging and rewarding, and I enjoy every moment of it.

In addition to my work at Variantyx, I am also currently pursuing a master’s degree in Engineering Management. It’s a challenging program, but I know that it will provide me with the skills and knowledge I need to continue growing in my career. Overall, I feel incredibly fortunate to be where I am today. At Variantyx I’m doing work that I find interesting and fulfilling, alongside some of the best colleagues in the industry, and I know that it’s making a real difference in people’s lives.