Products of Conception Specimen Requirements

Products of conception (POC) collection and shipping instructions


Prenatal kits are available by contacting our Clinical Coordination team directly at 617-209-2090.


POC samples should be placed in a cup, covered completely with phosphate buffered saline (PBS) and sealed with parafilm. Only fresh tissue is accepted.


Cups must be labeled with the individual’s name and date of birth, which must match the name and date of birth on the test order. Unlabeled or mislabeled samples will not be accepted.


POC samples should be shipped immediately after being collected, with a cold pack. If immediate shipping is not possible, POC samples may be refrigerated. POC samples should never be frozen.


Every prenatal kit includes a pre-paid FedEx return label to Variantyx. For any questions about returning a sample, please contact our Clinical Coordination team directly at 617-209-2090.

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