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A whole genome platform with intelligent analysis technology

Our PCR-free, whole genome sequencing platform provides high-quality data for in-depth analyses for rare genetic disorders, reproductive genetics, precision oncology, and wellness testing. Using a single sample, our analysis platforms can accurately detect all major variants – small to large, simple or complex – that cause symptoms or drive cancer. Our goal is to enable precision medicine to inform your patient’s care.

Precision genomics enables precision medicine

Supporting your practice with stellar services

Our end-to-end services bring support throughout the genetic testing process. We coordinate with health insurance companies, communicate about costs, and can help collect samples. We have experts at every step of the testing and interpretation processes, from software and product design to variant analysis.

Ordering to fit your practice and preferences

Variantyx offers a variety of targeted, custom, and comprehensive analyses. We recommend that providers place orders for testing through our user-friendly online portal. However, we also accept orders via secure email or fax. A complete order includes a signed test requisition form, clinical notes, and insurance billing information. 

If at any point you would like to make changes to an existing order such as reflexing to a more comprehensive analysis, only a new test requisition form is needed, not an additional sample – saving you and your staff valuable time.

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