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June 7, 2022

Company Spotlight Series: Elizabeth Wing

Meet Elizabeth Wing, Manager of Laboratory Services at Variantyx!

My path towards becoming the Laboratory Services Manager at Variantyx has been a winding one. Growing up, I was always passionate about the sciences and helping others, but wasn’t sure where it would lead me. I graduated from Coastal Carolina with my bachelor’s degree in Marine Science, followed by a Ph.D. in Biology and Environmental Science from the University of Rhode Island. 

My first position after graduate school involved training high school graduates to become entry level lab technicians. Ironically, the act of teaching taught me the importance of patience and how to work with people of diverse backgrounds and personalities.

As part of their training, I partnered closely with private labs to set the students up with internships. The cutting-edge work happening at these labs spoke to me. I was always fascinated and proud of the positive impact my students were making on society, and I decided I wanted to be a part of that kind of work.

Shortly after, I found Variantyx. I took a chance during the COVID–19 pandemic and joined the Variantyx team. Even though I started remotely, I immediately felt the passion and sense of community everyone shares at Variantyx. To support our lab services clients, I interact with many different teams within the company. Every day presents a new challenge, which always keeps me on my toes. I have the opportunity to learn something new and am constantly pushed out of my comfort zone. But what is most important to me about working at Variantyx is knowing that all our hard work helps a patient find an answer.

Although I’m far from where I started, throughout my career there was always one passion that remained – making a positive impact on human lives. I am proud to say I do that every day here at Variantyx.