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What can you learn from your genome?

Learn about your disease risk

Everyone has some risk of developing lifestyle diseases, like cancer. In fact, nearly 40% of people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. In some cases, hereditary mutations will be the cause. Genomic Inform™ screening can identify these risks before cancer or other diseases, including inherited cardiac disorders, develop. In time to take preventative action.

Find out what you may pass on to your children

By definition rare diseases affect only a small number of individuals. However, with roughly 5,000 genetically described rare diseases in total, the overall impact is significant. An estimated 25 million or more people are affected in the US. Genomic Inform™ screening can identify whether you are a silent carrier of a rare disease variant, before you pass it on to your child.

Identify which drugs are likely to work for you, or not

Every year billions of prescriptions are written. Yet not all drugs are effective for all individuals. In some cases, genetics plays a role in how likely you are to respond to a particular drug or class of drugs. Genomic Reveal™ screening can guide the choice of medication or dosage, helping protect against adverse reactions and ineffective treatment.

Why whole genome sequencing?

It covers your entire genome

Many genetic tests use sequencing technologies which look at only a small fraction of your DNA. Exomes cover only 2% of your total DNA while targeted gene panels cover less than 0.02% and SNP arrays cover less than 0.01%. In contrast, whole genome sequencing looks at your entire DNA. That's a huge difference. This difference means that you'll receive:

checkmark More medically-relevant personal insights

checkmark A valuable resource for ongoing reference

why wgs

Why Genomic Inform™ for your genome screening?

Because it's the most comprehensive, accurate and secure test available


Advanced technology

Our proprietary data analysis algorithms find complex variants that are missed by other tests

clinical expertise

Clinical expertise

Our geneticists and variant scientists have unmatched expertise in clinical variant interpretation


Data privacy

Unlike many companies with big data repositories, we are committed to never selling your data

How does Variantyx Wellness™ genome screening work?


Let's get started



Let's get started


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