Variantyx Wellness™ Test

Helping you take charge of your health

Your health, and the health of your family, is important to you. Variantyx Wellness™ is a genetic screening test that provides a powerful tool to help you identify predisposing health risks encoded in your DNA. Risks that may have the potential to affect your future health, or the health of your children. Risks that once made aware of, it may be possible to delay, diminish or avoid the effects of through lifestyle or preventative healthcare changes, or through identifying problems as early as possible with timely screening. Variantyx Wellness™ delivers the knowledge you need to develop a personalized health plan with your physician and take charge of your health.

Advanced technology identifies more variants

Many genetic tests use sequencing technologies which look at only a small fraction of our DNA. Targeted gene panels cover less than 0.02% of our DNA while SNP arrays cover less than 0.01%. In contrast, Variantyx Wellness™ uses whole genome sequencing (WGS) which looks at our entire DNA. Because complete DNA sequencing alone isn’t enough, Variantyx Wellness™ pairs WGS with proprietary data analysis algorithms that detect more different types of variants (DNA changes that cause disease or increase the risk of developing a disease) than any other WGS-based test. The result is a highly sensitive genetic test that identifies hard to detect variants like the pathogenic BRCA1 ex9-12del variant that occurs in >10% of breast cancer patients of some ethnicities. Or like FMR1 premutation repeat expansion alleles which 1 in 178 women silently carry. Detection of these types of variants typically requires independent, targeted testing, but Variantyx Wellness™includes them, and many others, within a single test. While a negative genetic test result can never completely rule out the possibility of an undetected pathogenic variant, Variantyx Wellness™ provides greater confidence that all relevant variants have been screened.

Screen for thousands of conditions with a single test

By looking at your entire DNA, Variantyx Wellness™ screens for predisposition to an unlimited number of conditions with a single test. Variantyx Wellness™ looks for variants that can increase your lifetime risk of developing cancer. It also looks for variants that can affect heart health, predispose you to diabetes or autoimmune disease, lead to early onset Alzheimer’s disease and much more. If you’re of childbearing age, Variantyx Wellness™ screens for silent carrier mutations responsible for the more than 7,000 rare inherited disorders described in the scientific literature. In addition, Variantyx Wellness™ screens for pharmacogenomic variants that influence how well you respond to different drugs, helping guide the choice of medication or dosage while protecting you from adverse reactions or ineffective treatment.

As our scientific knowledge grows, your data is reanalyzed

New information about variants and genes associated with disease becomes available every day. Similarly, data analysis algorithms continue to evolve and improve. This is why Variantyx Wellness™ includes the option to reanalyze your data in the second and fourth year following the original analysis. Without collecting a new sample, performing new sequencing or charging extra fees.

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