Sample requirements

Genomic Unity® requires high quality DNA. The type of collected tissue may be determined by the nature of the patient's phenotype, age, or preference. Blood is recommended, but saliva and already extracted genomic DNA are also accepted.


  • Optimally 5ml in an EDTA vial

  • For infants, 2ml in an EDTA vial


  • Must be collected with Variantyx’s saliva collection kit. Contact to request a kit

  • Patient must NOT eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before giving saliva sample

  • Patient must NOT remove the plastic film from the funnel lid

  • Patient must spit until the amount of saliva (not bubbles) reaches the fill line


  • Optimally 5µg purified gDNA

  • Provide in a volume of at least 30µl, at a minimum concentration of 50ng/µl

The sample should be kept refrigerated until shipped.



Variantyx saliva and blood collection kits are provided with prepaid shipping within the US. If shipping gDNA on your own, please send the samples to:

Variantyx Inc
1671 Worcester Rd, Suite 300
Framingham, MA 01701
+1 (617) 209-2090

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