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Variantyx Unity™ Test

For rare disease diagnosis

Variantyx Wellness™ Test

For screening healthy individuals

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Like an exome test, but better

Pairing clinical whole genome sequencing (WGS) with in-silico exome analysis results in:

  • Better coverage of exonic mutations
  • Detection of more variant types
  • Ability to rerun analyses without resequencing

Variantyx Unity™ test ends the diagnostic odyssey

higher diagnostic yield

Higher diagnostic yield

faster turnaround time

Faster turnaround time

lower overall cost

Lower overall cost

More comprehensive variant detection

Combining clinical WGS with proprietary algorithms provides comprehensive identification of:

  • Small nucleotide changes
  • Structural variants
  • Short tandem repeats
  • Mitochondrial variants

All in a single assay.

Variantyx Wellness™ test provides comprehensive screening for

Cancer predisposition

Disease risk

Carrier status

Drug response

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