Diagnostic Testing
with Genomic Unity®

Testing policies

Familial variant testing

Familial variant testing will be performed at no additional charge for those cases where we determine that testing of family members has the potential to provide additional information relevant to variant classification.

For all other cases, familial variant testing is available for a fee:

1 SNV/indel$100
2 SNVs/indels$200
3+ SNVs/indels$350
Structural variants$1000
Tandem repeats$1000



Upon request by an ordering clinician, one-time reanalysis is provided at no additional charge for Genomic Unity® Exome Plus Analysis and Genomic Unity® Whole Genome Analysis cases.

The request for no-charge reanalysis may be made at any time, however, we recommend waiting at least one year. Variantyx updates databases quarterly and therefore requesting reanalysis sooner is less likely to yield different results. If there have been significant changes in the patient’s clinical presentation it may be appropriate to request the no-charge reanalysis sooner.

Ordering clinicians may request additional reanalyses which will be performed for a fee. Please contact us for pricing.