Request a saliva kit for the Genomic Inform™ test

Price Turn Around Time
Genomic Inform™ test $2,819 ~8 weeks


To order testing, please fill out the form below. After your order is received, our clinical coordinators will get in touch to walk you through the testing process. They'll send you a saliva collection kit and a test requisition form. If you have any questions, you'll be able to speak with a genetic counselor. Then you'll fill out the test requisition form with your physician, sending it and your saliva sample to us using the prepaid postage.

Our affiliated sequencing partners will sequence your DNA and securely transmit the data to Variantyx where it will be analyzed and interpreted by our board-certified medical geneticists. In ~8 weeks, your full clinical report will be ready.

For questions, or for help placing an order for testing, please contact our clinical coordinators.

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