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We offer the Variantyx Unity™ whole genome sequencing (WGS) test for diagnosis of rare inherited disorders. Patient samples are processed via our Genomic Intelligence® platform, using provided phenotype information to guide the analysis. Our board-certified medical geneticists consult with the ordering clinician or genetic counselor to review the analysis results and generate a signed clinical report.



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Variantyx Unity™ WGS1 Singleton (CPT Codes: 81228, 81415, see FAQ)





Variantyx Unity™ WGS1 Trio (CPT Codes: 81228, 81415, 81416 x2, see FAQ)






¹WGS analysis includes small sequence changes, gross structural variants (CNVs), trinucleotide repeat expansions and mitochondrial genome sequencing analysis. Conducted on Illumina platform using Illumina TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Library Preparation Kit at 30X mean mappable coverage.


Our services are HIPAA- and CLIA-compliant, CAP accredited and fully insured. Payment by institutional billing or direct patient payment is accepted. Orders are subject to accepting test requisition and informed consent forms. Local taxes may apply. 


For help placing an order, obtaining saliva sample kits or pricing outside of the US, please contact our clinical coordinators at sales@variantyx.com.



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