Helping you quickly expand your test menu

You know how important launching new tests are to growing your lab’s business. Which is why you may be looking into expanding your test menu to include whole exome or whole genome tests. Our expertise in WES and WGS data analysis is the perfect complement to the domain expertise that you’ve built around your current test portfolio. Working together we can set up an efficient, customized analysis, interpretation and reporting workflow to meet your expanding testing needs.

Pipelines built for WES and WGS analysis and interpretation

Your team of bioinformaticians has perfected the workflow for your current panel tests. But expanding your menu to include whole exome or whole genome sequencing is a completely new domain. Or maybe you’re new to NGS, looking to upgrade your Sanger sequencing tests to current NGS technology. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Use our expertise to complement yours.

If you’re just getting started with NGS, use our cloud-based bioinformatic pipeline to run customized panel workflows on virtual infrastructure that you can later scale to whole exome and whole genome levels. If you’re already running panel workflows, use our WES and WGS pipeline in parallel. Gold-standard tools and best practices, combined with proprietary algorithms, accurately and efficiently identify variants from complex WES and WGS data. Including structural variants. Annotated and filtered variants are presented for evaluation within an easy-to-use diagnostic console. Working together with our integrated, world-leading sequencing partners, you can be running NGS tests in your lab in a matter of weeks.

One sequencing run, many possible analyses

Whole genome sequencing provides the most comprehensive view of an individual’s genome. Because the DNA regions of interest are not predetermined, one saliva sample and sequencing run supports many analyses. Thanks to in silico panel technology, you can independently analyze discrete data slices ranging in size from a single gene to thousands of genes. You can also detect structural variants, including CNVs, due to even, genome-wide coverage combined with breakpoint analysis. This makes it possible to perform, and bill for, deletion/duplication analysis on the same sequenced sample.

Automated, customized clinical reports

Our integrated Genomic Intelligence® diagnostic console makes it easy for your clinical team to review and select relevant variants. Optional comments and follow-up recommendations can be added. With a few clicks, a clinical report is created. Reports are fully customized with your lab’s logo and medicolegal language, and ready to deliver to your clients.